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Scott McLellan is the Founder of Embrace Training and Consultancy.

He has spent 15 years in leadership roles at various levels

and touched the lives of over 2000 people.

Working in the corporate world he has worked for and with both

inspirational leaders and ineffective managers.

He has experienced first hand the power of leaders who most

importantly understand themselves. They also understand their

people, care about their people and support their people.


They have all had one thing in common TOP PERFORMING teams.

Scott is passionate about working with leaders and their teams to improve their skills and create energetic, engaged and inspiring workplaces, allowing people to thrive and grow their capabilities.

His inspiration to create Embrace did not come from a book, a YouTube Video or a management course. It came from his passion for people and the impact that leaders have on their people, if your people enjoy coming to work and know what they are working towards they will deliver success for themselves and for their employers.

Scott’s favorite quote is:

“People may remember what you said, they may even remember what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel!” Maya Angelou

As you can tell Scott loves to meet new people!  Please get in touch with him, and go for a coffee to find out more about how he can support you, your teams and your business.  

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