Emotional​ intelligence can add real value to your business or organisation.  Increased productivity and customer satisfaction along side reduced absence and staff turnover are just some of the proven benefits to businesses with high EQ.

Colleagues will be self aware and able to control their emotions whilst forming strong effective relationships, the glass ceiling can be smashed and the possibilities endless for all.

Embrace are proud to use the worlds only scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence psychometric test  EQ-i 2.0 underpin all our Emotional Intelligence courses.  Our qualified coaches will be on hand to support throughout your journey to improved EQ.


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Empower your leaders to fully understand their EQ.  Allowing the opportunity to improve their professional performance

An Introduction

This course gives an introduction to all areas of Emotional Intelligence and the benefits to your leaders


Inspirational leadership, empathy, stronger relationships.  All benefits of high EQ in leadership

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