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I love it when a plan comes together!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

In the words of the leader of the iconic A- Team John ‘Hannibal’ Smith “I love when a plan comes together” Each week many of us (not mentioning age) would sit down to watch the adventures of the A-Team and no matter how absurd the methods or the outcome they would always have a plan.

That is also true in everyday life, we plan most things from what time to get, our morning routine, our trip to work to bigger events such as holidays, weddings, nights out, and when we succeed in these plans, we feel GOOD! They create positive emotions, now I could go onto tell you all about the science on how we feel like this, but I will let others more educated than me do that (search dopamine). What I know is that we all love it when a plan comes together!

Why is it that when we get into leadership roles, we mainly use plans with our people in NEGATIVE situations? Poor performance, poor attendance or unprofessional behaviours and then expect our people to thank us when we offer support. The truth is that the word plan has become a word that provokes negative emotions in many people in the workplace. The EXACT opposite to what they’re intended for.

So how do we use emotional intelligence and leadership skills to change this? The answer is simple really, use plans for ongoing development and personal development. Make them part of your teams fabric. Why wouldn’t you? Supporting your team to create daily, weekly, monthly measures of success with achievable actions gives structure, relevance and most importantly allows people to feel SUCCESSFUL. Creating a highly engaged team who can SELF MANAGE and have stronger RELATIONSHIPS with us as leaders.

If you would like to know more or would like support to improve your peoples emotional intelligence then please contact me at or call me on 07878461052

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