• Scott McLellan

New world? New routine?

As we now move into the next phase of social distancing many of us are being asked to not leave our homes unless for 30 mins exercise or shopping for essentials.

This is a restriction one our liberty but a necessary one!

What can everyone do to optimise their mental and emotional health?

Whether you know it or not your everyday life is set to a routine. You get up (mostly at the same time), get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work etc, etc. People crave it and it helps with wellbeing.

You need to create your NEW routine. What will you choose to do? Here are some suggestions to add into your daily routine that will add value to your wellbeing.

Reduce time on social media:

Make this twice a day, you will thank me. On all platforms you will see and hear people with negative emotions venting and many people giving incorrect information out. What of this will add positive value to your wellbeing?

If there are major changes or further announcements you will hear about them!

By setting aside two time periods a day you can limit your exposure to negativity


Great news for us all that we can participate in so many different forms of exercise now for FREE. A quick search and you can find, HITT workouts, yoga classes, spin classes. You don’t need me or anyone to tell you about the benefits of 30 mins exercise a day.

Go outside:

IF you have a garden, a backyard or balcony take advantage of it. Fresh air

You are permitted to go outside once a day for exercise, so take advantage of this. A walk up and down the street, a walk around the block it matters not. Just make sure you do this.

Speak to at least one person a day:

You can use your phone for more than scrolling through social media or playing candy crush. They were originally invented for talking. Connect with someone for a few minutes but agree to only talk about positives. Don’t call the person who will only talk about negatives. Neither of you will feel better after that conversation.


Taking time each day to clear your mind, to fully relax will support your sleep and your wellbeing. This comes in many forms. Reading a book, doing a jigsaw, meditating, breathing exercises. Whichever activity you chose must stop you from thinking negative thoughts.

By changing your routine to include all or some of the above you will start to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing, you may also decide to keep to this routine when the lockdown is lifted?

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