Scott’s stand out traits were his creative mind, strong communication skills and his infectious passion to deliver the right result for the Customer, Colleague and the Business.
Testimonial 3
Scott is a passionate, caring & vastly experienced, he’s able to deliver high performance in effective & sustainable ways and has the ability to foster a strong team and coaching ethic whilst doing so.
Testimonial 2
Scott saw potential in me. He invested time in me from our first day working together to our last, encouraging me to push my strengths further, and spending time coaching my development areas. Monthly, daily, hourly, coaching was always a natural focus of his “There is no such thing as bad feedback” was always his motto “just an opportunity to do things differently”. Even after working together, Scott still checks in to see how I’m doing as both a friend and a mentor. I owe a lot to the time he invested me. Thank you 🙂
Testimonial 4
Scott is great with people, a wonderful coach who brings out the best in people. He’s well organised and has shown an ability to influence stakeholders both internally and externally at senior levels. He’s a fantastic presenter, shows a real flair for bringing a message or story to life. Scott is highly emotional intelligent with a real focus on colleague, customer and development
Testimonial 1