I have seen Scott speak a number of times recently and the ease with which he builds rapport with a room is an amazing skill, you leave a talk feeling positive yet challenged.

His style is both warm and welcoming and his accent only adds to the ease of listening. His topics have been well researched, are backed with facts and learning and always leave you thinking. It was Socrates who said “I can’t teach people anything I can only make them think” and Scott personifies this. One of my favourite speakers and I always look for his next gig and cancel whatever else I have on to make it. Don’t miss him.

Leon McCowan – Founder The Sales Dojo

Testimonial 3

I sat listening to Scott entranced.  It was as if he had been observing the behaviours of nearly every leader I had ever worked with (and myself). If you want to improve ALL aspects of your culture, people and business performance then you need Scott McLellan.

Micheal Heverin Co – Founder Supplywell

Testimonial 5

Having attended a presentation from Scott at Hope Street Charity for people who are suffering from anxiety, depression and other emotional problems.  I was pleasantly surprised at the professional way he delivered the talk, totally balanced and geared for the specific audience, his delivery was spot on, the questions were answered in a really friendly and positive manner. Probably the best presentation on stress management I have heard in the last 30 years of being in this field of work.

Chris Burgess MA.DIP Hyp MASM

Testimonial 2

Scott saw potential in me. He invested time in me from our first day working together to our last, encouraging me to push my strengths further, and spending time coaching my development areas. Monthly, daily, hourly, coaching was always a natural focus of his “There is no such thing as bad feedback” was always his motto “just an opportunity to do things differently”. Even after working together, Scott still checks in to see how I’m doing as both a friend and a mentor. I owe a lot to the time he invested me. Thank you 🙂

Anthony Smith Team Leader Barclays Bank Plc

Testimonial 4

Scott is great with people, a wonderful coach who brings out the best in people. He’s well organised and has shown an ability to influence stakeholders both internally and externally at senior levels. He’s a fantastic presenter, shows a real flair for bringing a message or story to life. Scott is highly emotional intelligent with a real focus on colleague, customer and development

Mark Armario Director Financial Services

Testimonial 1